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Kedves Tagok!

Az SPE Magyarország 2021 szeptember 8-án tartotta tisztújító közgyűlését.

A közgyűlésen a korábbi vezetőség tagjai lemondtak tisztségükről:

  • Palásthy György Elnök
  • Molnár Zsolt Első Alelnök
  • Kőrösi Tamás Második Alelnök
  • Lakos Béla Pénztáros
  • Komlósi Zsolt Titkár

Köszönjük a leköszönő tagoknak az évek során nyújtott kitartó munkájukat!

A tisztújítás szavazással történt, melynek eredményeként az SPE Magyarország új vezetősége:

  • Molnár Zsolt Elnök
  • Tóth Dániel Első Alelnök
  • Kőrösi Tamás Második Alelnök
  • Palásthy György Pénztáros
  • Nagy Martin Titkár

Gratulálunk az új vezetőségnek és sok sikert kívánunk munkájukhoz!

Nagy Martin

Dear Gyorgy,
The Hungarian Section has achieved the retention requirement to be recognized for the for biannual
membership competition. The contribution your section has made to the Society is important for the continued strength of SPE, and I appreciate the effort.
The Hungarian Section will be recognized alongside other sections that also met the requirement. To assist with making the society as stronger than ever, we are looking to catalog best practices to share with other groups.
Your section will receive a certificate and digital badge once staff inquiry regarding your section’s retention program has been received.
Once again, congratulations and thank you.

Tom Blasingame
2021 President


Dear SPE Section officer,

It is my great joy to send you this email about the Regional Section Officers Meeting (RSOM) 2021 for the European Region.

This year, we invite you to the RSOM in Budapest. Two officers from each SPE section are invited, as well as one representative from each Student Chapter. This is a key event in the region and for all our sections. With the event of 2020 cancelled and the world coming back to a sort of normality, RSOM is a great opportunity to meet people and exchange ideas, about what happened in the past year, your issues and your accomplishments. It is also an event for networking, section management, best practice sharing and learning.

 This year, we would like to propose to you, a face-to-face event in a beautiful city, Budapest, in a similar format with the previous years:

                       - Closing ceremony and cruise dinner on Saturday night;

  • 26 September - All activities on Sunday (and the following days) are at your own cost, however we will propose entertainments and visits (probably a guided tour or visit at the Buda museum or the UNESCO heritage site etc.).

Travel expenses (flights, hotel, ground transportation etc.) are something you need to account for either through sponsors or your section funds. The event itself is free of charge, but if you would like to bring a spouse, they are invited to attend the Ice Breaker and Cruise Dinner at a discounted cost (details will be provided in the upcoming weeks).

The tentative agenda for Saturday RSOM would be the following (to be adjusted in the coming weeks):

  • 08:00    Registration
  • 08:30    Welcome and introduction of participants
  • 09:00    SPE International and Regional updates
  • 10:15    Coffee break
  • 10:30    Sections and Student Chapters workshops
  • 12:30    Coffee break
  • 12:45    Young Professionals topics
  • 13:30    Any other business / Open discussions
  • 14:30    Buffet lunch
  • 15:30    Award ceremony
  • 17:00    Closing of event


Please let us know (Ola and myself), who will be the representatives of your section and if they come accompanied.

Your answer on or before July 30 will be much appreciated.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Budapest for this exciting meeting.

Kind regards

Laura Ioana Precupanu

SPE Regional Director Europe


Dear SPE Members,
SPE Eastern Europe Subsurface Conference23 - 24 Nov 2021 will be in Kyiv, Ukraine Link


Don’t miss this LIVE SPE Virtual Distinguished Lecturer!

 Derrick O’Keeffe

                                               'In Relentless Pursuit of Offshore Safety:  A Privileged Perspective'                                                       

11:00 AM, Monday, March 08, 2021

Hungarian Section



Dear Members of SPE Hungarian Section!

On behalf of the SPE Hungarian Section, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year filled with happiness!
As we are at the end of 2020, unfortunately, we will think and talk about this eventful year for years, or even decades.  
COVID-19  pandemic has created uncertainty, changed our daily routine, and our relationships. Furthermore, in-person meetings reduced, all the SPE events are canceled or became virtual. Therefore, we we had to cancel our annual conference due to the size of this event.
Let’s not forget that at the beginning of 2020, oil prices collapsed, and uncertainty around the gas prices also cast a shadow over the industry.  
COVID-19 made this situation worse and created difficult and hard times for those, who work in this industry. 
It has been a really stressful and tough year! Let’s hope these times will be over and only good ones will come! Remember we learned a lot this year and can utilize this experience we had, and exploit it in the future! 

I wish we meet in the near future at the DL programs, conferences, and all our other events! 

I wish everyone to stay safe and healthy and have a nice Christmas holiday! 

Best regards, 
György Palásthy 
Chairman of HUN Section


Dear SPE Members,


We are excited to host the upcoming virtual townhall session for section officers with 2020 SPE President, Shauna Noonan on 14 October from 0800 – 0930 Central Daylight Time (UTC-5). Staff will also be on hand to answer any questions.


Please register online through Zoom to receive the call in details.


We look forward to bringing everyone together soon!


Kind regards,

Erin O'Sullivan, CAE

Sections and Student Chapters Manager


Dear Section Leaders:

As Chair of  the SPE Board Committee on Member Programs which has oversight for the Distinguished Lecturer Program, I would like to inform you of a difficult decision regarding the program.

The SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program will be presented virtually for the entire season of September 2020-June 2021.  It was originally hoped that lecturer travel could resume in 2021, but because of  COVID-19 related travel restrictions, ongoing health and safety concerns, and  financial constraints, we feel that this is in the best interest of the Society and its members.

Thank you for all your efforts and support of  SPE and the DL Program during these challenging times and we look forward to resuming the in person program when it is safe to do so.


Erdal Ozkan

Chairman of SPE Board Committee on Member Programs

SPE International organizes a SPE Virtual Upstream Finance and Investments Conference on 11–12 Nov. More Info

Dear SPE Member,
As our industry barely recovers from 2014/2016 crisis, with the terrible Covid-19 pandemic, humanity and in particular Europe, is facing an exceptionally serious challenge. Added to this is the collapse in crude oil prices, and over the longer term, the challenges of the energy transition... As I write these few lines, I would like to assure you of my support as well as the support of the SPE International Board of Directors and the staff in Dallas and our offices worldwide. The upstream is once again navigating turbulent times and the first decisions fall steadily to respond to a crisis of exceptional magnitude: reduction in investments, savings plan to deal with the crude oil prices, freeze in recruitments except in sectors deemed to be priorities such as new energies and digital... Within our large SPE community, our professional and fraternal ties are powerful and must be even more so during this health crisis which affects us all, students, YPs and seniors, and of course all your families. Please be aware that, as often as possible, we will answer any questions you may have, do not hesitate to keep us and your sections & chapters officers informed about your situation. We urge you to strictly follow the conditions of confinement and practical health recommendations in the interest of all, in an effort to arrest the pace of propagation and mitigate its worst effects. We have to be responsible and put in place these measures necessary for the health of each of us. To come to the situation of the various SPE events organized both internationally and regionally, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must cancel or even postpone long-planned events, despite the very many efforts made by remarkable volunteers who make up our association.
Please see the update information at the following address: <https://www.spe.org/en/about/response/> https://www.spe.org/en/about/response/ In particular, we have scheduled our annual meeting, the Regional SPE Officers Meeting (RSOM 2020) in Budapest on September 18-20 (ice-breaker on Friday 18, meeting on Saturday 19 and free visit on the 19th). As you can imagine, organizing such an event which has grown over time, requires significant logistics and financial commitments. I would therefore like to have your feeling to maintain or cancel this staple event. We have anticipated the participation of a hundred people, we are currently examining the possibilities of maintaining reservations without committing the finances of the SPE, which will inevitably absorb the impact of the many upheavals in the organization of events, conferences, workshops, congresses , etc. We are listening to you during this complicated period, if any, for each of us.

Take care of yourself and your families.

Best regards.
Jean-Marc DUMAS
SPE Director for Europe


Dear Section Chairperson,

I hope you and your family are well and staying safe!
We have started adding the current DLs LIVE webinars which will “pop up” over the next few weeks. Details below to share with your members.  We would love as many members to attend as possible.Currently we have 3 DLs scheduled but expect to be adding more over the next week or so.  They do and will appear on the SPE.org web events page here:

Scheduled so far with the registration links: 
1 April - C. Susan Howes -  https://webevents.spe.org/products/toolkit-for-making-better-decisions-when-faced-with-ethical-dilemmas    
21 April – Gregory Walker - https://webevents.spe.org/products/enhancing-fluid-recovery-in-shales-why-pores-less-than-10nm-matter#tab-product_tab_overview   
27 April – B. Todd Hoffman - https://webevents.spe.org/products/enhanced-oil-recovery-eor-for-unconventional-reservoirs-the-next-big-thing

If they miss the webinar they will be listed in the On Demand Webinars as archived for them to view also.
Thanks so much for encouraging them to attend/view while the DLs are unable to travel! 
Thank you for your support of the Distinguished Lecturer Program.
Kind Regards,

Ola Davies

Regional Activities Specialist, Africa & Europe

Society of Petroleum Engineers



SPE Hungarian Section organizes a conference in 14-15th of November 2019 in Visegrad „Practical solutions for life cycle extension of oil and gas wells”.
More Details


Az SPE Magyarországi Szekciója tagfelvételt hirdet, amelyre aktív szénhidrogéniparban dolgozó felső illetve középfokú végzettséggel rendelkezők jelentkezését várja.


Az Egyesület célja, hogy tagjainak és a szénhidrogén-bányászatban tevékenykedő szakembereknek segítsen szakmai problémáik megoldásában. E cél megvalósítása érdekében elősegíti műszaki és tudományos ismereteik bővítését a kőolaj és földgázbányászat minden területén.

Az Egyesületnek további célja az, hogy gyűjtse, terjessze és cserélje azokat a technikai/technológiai ismereteket, amelyek a kőolaj- és földgáz-lelőhelyek kutatása, termelésbe-állítása és kitermelése során keletkeznek.

Az Egyesület céljainak elérése érdekében

  • az Egyesület tagjai részére szakmai összejöveteleket szervez és tart, ahol találkozhatnak a Magyarországon működő bányászati vállalkozások szakembereivel;
  • felhasználja és a tagok rendelkezésére bocsátja az anyaegyesületnél (Society of Petroleum Engineers, röviden: SPE) felhalmozott szakmai és műszaki információkat,
  • tagjainak továbbképzése érdekében szakmai napokat szervez az anyaegyesület által biztosított, nemzetközileg elismert szakelőadók vezetésével,
  • együttműködik és szoros kapcsolatot tart az anyaegyesülettel, valamint a kőolaj- és földgázbányászat területén tevékenykedő magyarországi egyesületekkel, hatóságokkal és oktatási, tudományos intézményekkel

Az Egyesület rendezvényeinek hivatalos nyelve az angol, így a jelentkezésnél ezt mindenki vegye figyelembe.


Jelentkezni a korosit@gmail.com email címen lehet 2019.10.31-ig.


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "EOR from Micro-Scale to Field Implementation - Example of Polymer Injection" in Budapest (MOL Headquarter Room # 342-348 on the 3rd floor) on 1st April, 2019 More Details

A MOL Nyrt., az OMBKE Kőolaj-, Földgáz- és Vízbányászati Szakosztály, valamint az SPE Magyarországi Tagozat szakmai támogatásával "Érett mezők
újraélesztése" címmel konferenciát szervezünk 2019. február 5–6. között, Zamárdiban, a Hotel Wellamarin Leisure & Wellness**** superior szállodában. Több info


A 2019-20 Distinguished Lecturer programra 18 szavazat alapján az alábbi sorrend alakult ki. Köszönjük a szavazatokat!

rank      előadó  cím
1 B. Todd Hoffman Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for Unconventional Reservoirs: The Next Big Thing?
2 Hassan Dehghanpour EOR While Fracturing: Unconventional Rock-Fluid Interactions
3 Gabor Hursan Magnetic Resonance Technology: from Medical to the Oil Industry
4 Dan DiLuzio Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS): Maintaining the Global Standard and Addressing Key
5 John Pringle Marginal Fields How to Maximize Profit and Minimize Risk
6 Lawrence Camilleri Production Optimisation of Conventional and Unconventional Wells with ESP Real Time Data
7 Hussain Rabia Engineered Well Design: From Spud to Abandonment
8 Shahid Azizul Haq "Reservoir Engineering While Drilling" in Horizontal Wells
9 Khaled Arouri Understanding Geochemical Controls: A Key to Enhanced Reservoir Characterization and Management
10 John Kaldi Integrated Approaches to Determining Net Pay: Caveats and Lessons Learned

Dear Members,
It is a high time to select lecturers for the 2019-20 lecture-seasons. SPE is excited to present an outstanding group (see below) for you to choose from.
•       take your choice from topics by decreasing importance order, and
•       send me only the row numbers (in column #) of the first 10 presentations selected.
 Deadline is Jan. 18 Friday! 2019-20 Distinguished Lecturer

SPE/IADC International
organizes a Drilling Conference and Exhibition in The Hague on 5–7 March. More Info

SPE Hungarian Section organizes a conference in 15-16th of November 2018 in Visegrad „Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Industry: Challenges & Opportunities in CE European Region”. More Details 


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Fracturing Without a Drop of Water - Lessons Learned Fracturing With LPG" in Budapest (MOL Headquarter Room # 342-348 on the 3rd floor) on 10th April, 2017 More Details SPE_DL_PDF

Tisztelt SPE tagok!

Az SPE Olajmérnökök Társaságának Magyarországi Tagozata (székhelye: MOL Magyar Olaj-, és Gázipari Nyrt, 1117 Budapest, Október 23. u. 18.) rendes éves közgyűlést tart, amelynek
Helye: FAK, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla u. 34.

Időpontja: 2018. április 10-én 17:30 órakor


Dear SPE HUN Members,
Happy New Year for All!
Let me invite you for our upcoming event. Please find details below.


 Title:Linear ESP System from TRIOL Corp.
A Revolution in Producing Marginal Oil Wells.


Presented by:

Mr. Yaroslav Sydorov, Account Manager, TRIOL Corp., Ukraine.

Mrs. Mariia Kolinchenko, Head of Export Sales Department, TRIOL Corp., Ukraine.



1. General introduction of TRIOL Corporation: activities, products

2. Presentation “Linear Electric Submersible Pump – An Innovation from TRIOL.”

3. Case studies of using LESP units.

4. Final discussions.



            MOL Headquarters, Budapest, Október 23. str.18, Panoráma meeting room, 9th floor


Date, Time:

            January 25, 2018. 4PM – 6PM


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a conference in 16th of November 2017 in Visegrad „Practices in the Production Enhancement and Cost Optimization in CE European Region”.


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Optimizing Liquid Recoveries From Shales Through Geologic, Geomechanical, Fluid, and Operating Considerations" in Budapest (FAK: Fekete Arany Klub) on 19th Sep, 2017 More Details


Tisztelt Kollégák!

2017. szeptember 19-én ünnepeljük az SPE HUN szekció megalakulásának 25. évfordulóját , melyre a szervezők nevében tisztelettel meghívjuk Önöket/Titeket! Mivel a címlistánk korán sem teljes, ezért kérjük, hogy terjesszétek tovább azoknak a kollégáknak akiket érdekelhet az esemény. Helyszín: FAK Pub, Budapest, Bartók Béla út 34.


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "The Science and Economics of Multiphase Flow" in Budapest on 15th May, 2017 More Details


Tisztelt Kollégák!

2017. április 21-én Dr. Takács Gábor tiszteletére ünnepi tudományos ülést szervezünk, melyre a szervezők nevében tisztelettel meghívjuk Önöket/Titeket! Az ülés részletei a csatolt meghívóban találhatók. Mivel a címlistánk korán sem teljes, ezért Kérjük, hogy a meghívót küldjétek tovább azoknak a kollégáknak akiket érdekelhet az esemény. Több info


Within SPE Germany we are now organizing a new type of workshop "Women in Oil and Gas" workshop in Hamburg on 11th and 12th of May 2017 and we would like to attract participants from all around Europe. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that 2017 SPE President Janeen Judah (Chevron) is going to be our special guest and key note speaker. Here is the link to the event site: Link


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Does Heavy Oil Recovery Need Steam?" in Budapest on 15th Feb, 2017 More Details 


A beérkezett szavazatok alapján az alábbi előadói sorrend alakult ki a 2017-18 SPE DL-re:


Dear SPE HUN Members! We are pleased to announce the 2017-18 Distinguished Lecturers. DL Selections 2017-18


SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Incorporating Numerical Simulation Into Your Reserves Estimation Process:  A Practical Perspective" in Budapest (FAK Fekete Arany Klub) on 12th Jan, 2017 More Details


Letölthető az SPE HUN 2016 (Szolnok) programja


Kedves Tagtársaink!

 A Fővárosi Főügyészségtől kaptunk levelet amelyben az alábbiak is szerepelnek:

Ezért sajnálatos módon be kell vezetnünk a tagdíj fizetést. 2017-től kezdődően csak az lehet tagunk aki befizeti a tagdíjat. A tagdíj mértéke 2017. évre 5000 Ft. Természetesen a MOL-os szponzorációnak köszönhetően a MOL dolgozók tagdíját az SPE felé mi rendezzük. (90 USD, mai árfolyamon ~25000 Ft)

A tagdíjakat kérjük, hogy 2016. december 5.-ig fizessék be, mert ennek hiányában a jövő évi tagságot nem tudjuk biztosítani.
Vagy késedelmes befizetés esetén az SPE felé történő tagdíj fizetését nem tudjuk megtenni.

A befizetéseket az alábbi számlára kérjük.

Budapest Bank NyRt.
SPE Olajmérnökök Társasága  

Palásthy György



A MOL Nyrt., az OMBKE Kőolaj-, Földgáz- és Vízbányászati Szakosztálya valamint az SPE szakmai támogatásával Rétegserkentés – Fókuszban a hidraulikus repesztés címmel konferenciát szervezünk 2016. szeptember 20–21-én az Abacus Business & Wellness Hotelben**** Herceghalmon. Bővebb info


Megkezdődött a fórum előadás illetve poszter témák gyűjtése a 2017-es "WORLD PETROLEUM CONGRESS"-re Isztanbulba, a leadási határidő: 2016.10.01. Call For Papers

Bővebb információ található az alábbi honlapon: http://www.22wpc.com/index.php?page=Call_for_Papers

A pályamunkákat benyújtás előtt a Bizottság fogja jóváhagyni, így kérem, hogy a jelentkezők legkésőbb szeptember 1-ig juttassák el az összefoglalókat a nemzeti bizottság titkárának (batoth@mol.hu). A jóváhagyott összefoglalókat a Bizottság fogja feltölteni a hivatalos oldalra, a szerzőknek pedig a MOL felajánlja a rendezvényen való részvétel utazási költségének térítését.



2017 (Distinguished Lecturer) workshops:


Budapest, Hungary


6:00 du.

Dean Rietz AbsBio


Incorporating Numerical Simulation Into Your Reserves Estimation Process: A Practical Perspective


Budapest, Hungary


2:00 du.

Johan van Dorp AbsBio


Does Heavy Oil Recovery Need Steam?


Budapest, Hungary


2:00 du.

Mack Shippen AbsBio


The Science and Economics of Multiphase Flow



Kedves SPE Tagunk,  Szeretettel meghívunk a STUDENT CHAPTER WORKSHOP-ra és az azt követő kötetlen beszélgetésre 2016.04.28 -án Miskolcra. Az előadások helye: VI ea. Utána pedig az UniCafe-ban. Bővebb info


Kedves SPE Tagunk,  Szeretettel meghívunk a Magyar Geotermális Egyesület soron következő rendezvényére, amelyen tiszteletbeli tagjainkat köszöntjük. A két tiszteletbeli tag egyike Dr. Bobok Elemér egyetemi tanár. Mivel Elemér fontos szerepet töltött be az olajmérnök képzésben, ezért invitálunk Elemér köszöntésére, ill. a kapcsolódó szakmai előadásokon való részvételre. Meghívó



SPE Hungarian Section organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Making Better Appraisal and Development Decisions: Using Decision Risk Analysis & Value of Information" in Budapest on 17th Mar, 2016 More Details Download PPT


Tisztelt SPE Hungary tagok!

Az SPE Olajmérnökök Társaságának Magyarországi Tagozata 2016.02.22-én 17:00 órakor tisztújító és alapszabály-módosító és tisztújító közgyűlést tart, amelyre a csatolt meghívó szerint szeretettel meghívom! (Ha a 17:00-ra összehívott közgyűlés nem lenne határozatképes a megjelentek létszáma miatt, akkor 17:30 újabb közgyűlést hívok össze, amely már létszámtól függetlenül határozatképes). Meghívó Alapszabály Beszámolók



SPE Hungarian Section  organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Bridging the Gap between Drilling and Completions:  Challenges and Solutions in Horizontal Wells" in Budapest on 27th Jan, 2016 More Details DOWNLOAD PPT


A beérkezett 13 szavazat alapján az alábbi előadói sorrend alakult ki a 2016-17 SPE DL-re:









Mayank Malik

How can Microfracturing Improve Reservoir Management ?




Jürgen Grötsch

Integrated Reservoir Modelling in Carbonates - Quo Vadis?




Steve Mackie

Dry Hole Analysis: What I have Learnt about the Upstream Petroleum Industry from My Failures




Dean Rietz

Incorporating Numerical Simulation Into Your Reserves Estimation Process: A Practical Perspective




Daniel Yang

The Value and the Danger of Complex Reservoir Simulations




Dan Gibson

Evaluating Completion Options to Maximize Value




Mack Shippen

The Science and Economics of Multiphase Flow




Reidar B. Bratvold

Creating Value from Uncertainty and Flexibility




Johan van Dorp

Does Heavy Oil Recovery Need Steam?




Ron McLeod

Human Factors in Barrier Thinking



Kedves SPE Tagunk,  Szeretettel meghívunk a 2016.02.12-én Miskolcon megrendezésre kerülő szakmai napra majd az azt követő szakestélyre.

Részletek a mellékelt anyagokban. Kéretik az invit czetlit még e hó végéig visszaküldeni. Bővebb info


Dear SPE Section Officers of the South, Central and East Europe Region.

SPE communications has recently sent out an e-mail encouraging their member community to nominate colleagues to serve as SPE Distinguished Lecturer. The purpose of the Distinguished Lecturer Program is to assist local SPE sections in obtaining technical lectures while recognizing the professional contribution of the lecturers. One of the most popular programs among SPE members every year, 30 or more lecturers travel across the globe to share their technical expertise with local sections.

As your SPE regional director, together with our region´s DL committee delegate, we like to foster this critical endeavour.

For next year’s SPE DL season, we are glad to communicate that one of our region members has been selected to be a Distinguished Lecturer. The DL names and topics for next season will be communicated shortly. Furthermore, please help us identify the best lecturers for the 2017–2018 season by nominating a colleague. Have you seen an exciting lecture on a topic relevant to the E&P industry? Was the speaker a leader in their field and an outstanding public speaker? If so, nominate them for the SPE Distinguished Lecturer program.

Visit the SPE Distinguished Lecturer website to review the nomination procedures and complete the online nomination form. Nominations will be accepted through 15 March 2016.

Please distribute this further in your sections.

Kind Regards,

Matthias Meister  | SPE Regional Director, South, Central and East Europe

Thomas Dahl  | SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee Delegate


The Journal of Petroleum Technology is an important benefit of SPE membership and is mailed to 80,000 members in 124 countries each month.  If the subject of JPT delivery problems are raised during a section meeting please encourage your members to contact SPE. Send individual complaints to SPE Customer Service at service@spe.orgFor widespread postal problems affecting more than one member contact SPE Publishing Services at jptmonitor2@spe.org.  We welcome any and all information that may assist in the timely and regular delivery of JPT.

SPE Hungarian Section
organizes a DL (Distinguished Lecturer) workshop "Well Design and Integrity: Importance, Risk and Scientific Certainty" in Budapest on 14th Sep, 2015 More Details Abs-Bio


SPE WORKSHOP (Heavy Oil: Lifting Recovery to the Next Level), 2015. SZEPTEMBER 22-23, Budapest More Details  

SPE organizes a conference „SPE European Formation Damage Conference and Exhibition”. More Details

(3–5 June 2015 Budapest, Hungary) SPE European Formation Damage Conference Event Management offers for members of the SPE Hungarian section 20% off the registration rate. Please indicate your membership on the application form. BoD’s of the SPE Hungarian Section decided that one of our active member will be sponsored by the Section. 

Eötvös University Student Chapter organizes a workshop "THE NEW OIL WORLD OF THE 21 CENTURY, THE CHANGING WORLD OF NATURAL GAS"
More Details 

We kindly informyou that the„Well integrity as good business practice – 2015”Conference will be held in Szolnok on 19–20th May, 2015
More Details

SPE Hungarian Section
organizes a conference in 20th of November 2014 „ Innovative Applications For Stranded Barrels of Oil”. More Details Full program

Az SPE Hungary facebook oldala:




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